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Nitsud Nosaelg
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United States
Current Residence: Michigan (.__.)
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Favourite photographer: Kevin Hoover
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Personal Quote: "The Undead... Have such an uncanny sense of optimism."

Meme I stole from Eternity...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 5:40 PM
A journal thing I stole from :iconeternityhero:

Write out the names of your characters and explain:
1) how you thought of their name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3)  how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

(This will be difficult...)((I'll only be doing Overworld related characters...))

Black Donald: Fear him
1) Well, Black Donald is an actual reference to the 'Devil' in Scottish folklore. *nod* So I used that and made him a bloody dread bearded pirate who fussed with a dying demon. Hohoho.
2) Uhm, I wanted a big bad ass pirate lord character that had seen the horrors of combat against the hordes of demonic being living on the ground level. Donald Halfbrood fit the bill.
3) Originally he was thinner. In my first concept sketches of him, anyway. I believe he's grown a little beefier and even darker in personality, too. Which is good. He's gained a few abilities since originally conceived, like the summoning of hatchets and ability to reject the laws of gravity. But the base concept is the same. He's still a beefy pirate man.
4) Donald was a run AWAL from the first war against the Demonic creatures. He then mutinied with the other prisoners upon the air-ship and took over the massive ship and renamed it 'End of Days'. His brother is Zane Halfbrood, another pirate captain.

Fredrick Klask: Spell casting big daddy? No.
1) Hmmm. I don't remember where that name came from. But I like it!
2) Well, in Overworld there's a lot of magic, and I realized I didn't have many strictly casters... So I needed to change that. At the same time I was researching the old deep sea diving equipment, mainly because of Bioshock, and decided to use that as his costume. Mmmmhm!
3) Hum. I believe he started as more of a Dungeons and Dragons character, Magicmagicmagic, then molded into more of a shelled projectile magic launching lich... Though, it is possible he'll change some more.
4) Fredrick's suit is actually a containment suit, retaining all the magical energy that his body produces. He can't seem to help it. It's rather unhealthy to bystanders. Thus the large heavy suit.

Kleinheinz Veit: Landsketche from the past!!
1) I took two Austrian names and but them in sequence that sounded alright. These were the best looking ones. Though he is from Southern Germany/ Eastern Austria? ... Sorry reality.
2) UUUUHHHHHMMMMM!!! SDL! SAMURAI DUELERS LEAGUE!! Yes. I kinda regretted making the cannibal contestant for the league, and was concerned with his whole... deal. So, I needed someone with much more character. Thus, Veit!!! He is the most amazing... and will defeat all! lol. Then I adopted him into Overworld. *nod* Now he's been somehow zapped into the future because of the unstable flow of time and space. So he arrives right in the middle of the first war, kills tons of demon, gets caught by demons, imprisoned for 100+ years, finally breaks out, finds his way back to civilization... (Rambles on)
3) Only his appearance. He's been the insane little soldier man with acute mania and all since the beginning!
4) Kleinheinz's descendants end up finding him after he gets saved by Zane Halfbrood. Real heartwarming story... ... ...

Wally Wrong: Six Armed Gun Slinging Bank Robber, Need I Say More?
1) Well, there's the Wright Brothers, then there's... Wally Wrong. Yea, just a play on words. Or... Names... 8/
2) I wanted a lean mean ass woopin machine, like Zoro from Onepeice. So I added two more sets of arms, and traded his swords for guns then gave him a bowler hat. xD
3) He mainly stayed the same over time, just changing simple details on his person and figuring out how to draw his six arachnoid like arms. lol.
4) He's really not like Zoro at all. He still has to make a name for himself. That's a goal of his. To be the best gunslinger/ shot in the known world. But he needs to beat Freischutz Fext, and that's no simple task.

Atillos Piteros: Prisoner of Tartarus
1) Uhm... I changed it slightly from a name that meant bird or something, along with his last name, which meant similar of that.
2) Well, after creating Pilong, who is also a Tengu, one of the last surviving, I wanted to make his father who would be a grizzled bad ass. But, at first I wasn't sure how to do that in a new and exciting way... So I decided that he would be dead, fighting his way back to the living realm from Tartarus, the hellish prison realm where Zeus once locked up the Titans. Their still there. Atillos makes acquaintances with them, but basically doesn't care for their old long-winded-ness.
3)  Uhm. Kinda the same really. But maybe even more awesome since I’ve used him in RPs with friends and have tried to flesh him out a bit more…
4)  The tattoo on his back is a family crest sort of symbol. Pilong also sports this insignia on the back of his vest…

Drake Longslash: Enigmatic prodigy… with luck
1) Drake had always been a name I was interested in using, though, I originally thought I was going to use Dais as his name and then muffed up and wrote down Drake… Later I was confused and decided to just use Drake anyway…
2) Main character of my Overworld story. He’s seen some troubled times with the loss of his family and also his close friends. Who were pirates… His friends… Were pirates… Not his family…
3)  Just minor details have changed over time. Mostly his clothes. Yeah.
4) The enigma project was developed to be used in completely stabilizing the influxes throughout the world. But then Drake got mortally wounded and his father decided to waist it on saving his child’s life and the use of his left arm… But hey, it gave him super awesome magic touch!!!

Eliz Darkmind: Spell caster with attitude
1) Her name... Well. It was a very long time ago. Her last name has changed from mindbomb to darkmind... Cause, it sounds more practical? But her first name was a stab in the dark...
2) Well... I have a lack of attractive woman characters, or the complete lack there of, so I decided it was about time to get working on the females... I originally was going to have a male spell-caster, but changed my mind? Mhm. I like Eliz much better. Wee!
3)  Well, Eliz's clothes have gone through a large amount of changes, if anyone can remember Escape from Nevara, she indeed looked much different. Because she was. I've only recently got her looking decent. Damnit. Takes forever for me to compile woman characters. >8(
4) She's stolen all the magical devices on her person from other magi and wizards... Besides her tomb of spells, which she had to make herself...

Zod: Goblin adventurer minus the real experience
1) I was... very young... Uhrg, it was random really. He had a orc-ish friend back then... *reminisces*
2) I remember a Burger King bag had this thug-ish looking face on the it, and I remember outlining it... and that's when I first gave him a respectable appearance... Though, he was originally for a fan fiction final fantasy story... Whoo, I am a looser...
3)  ... I can't even begin to get into his evolution... *Groans* Its been tedious. After every picture I drew I looked at it and thought he looked too tall, or his facial features weren't right, or his clothes just appeared lame... So, after... years... I think I've come to a reasonably simple goblin character named Zod... >8/
4) Zod was in the armed forces, but was discharged for endangering his squad. He then took a loan to purchase the tree-house he lives in... that is now the gangs mobile base... Without his consent.

May do more later...

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